• Install the application from BIBBOX store
  • Wait for installation to finish
  • After installation in BIBBOX, Open Specimen will take some minutes to set up internally
  • Start the application from BIBBOX application screen
  • Log into Open Specimen with user "bibboxadmin" and password "Login!@3"


  • After Open Specimen has finished its internal setup process, den Login screen can be accessed. (This can take several minutes)


  • After logging into the application, the user will have access to the Open Specimen dashboard and the application is ready to user
  • Don't forget to change the default access credentials!

First Steps

Openspecimen provides a community and an enterprose version. With the community version it is possible to organsie simple collections and user data export/import features. The enterprise version provides additional modules for dashboards and simple data entry.

Before you can add a Specimen, you have to make some configurations for a study

  • Define a Collection Protocol
  • Setting up consents
  • Adding Events
  • Define Specimen Requirements
  • Label Formats and Print Settings

For a deatiled description see How to Create a Collection Protokol or watch some of the tutorial videos

Experienced programmers can easy write their own modules and/or user the REST Interface by looking at the source code in Github or even write a own plugin