Install Apps

Installing Apps on the new framework can be tested at

  • NOTE: After first installation of the framework the system automatically fetches the list of available apps
  • NOTE: Only Apps listed as v4Testapps can be installed in the current Beta

Installable Apps

Once you selected an app by clicking on its icon you will see a new window pop up. Since there can be different versions of an App available you have to select your version

  • NOTE: Due to the BETA status of the Bibbox project currently only one version per testapp is available

Install Step I

After this click Install as shown on top of the image above. Next you will have to fill the parameters neccesary to actually run the app.
The parameters themselves can be checked at the App's GitHub repository. In the example the selected App is Omero.
After clicking onto Install you will be taken to the parameter setting screen:

Install Step II

To get to the GitHub repository outlining the parameters go to: